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Amor hecho taco

Amor hecho taco

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"I swear to GOD ..if I had an Adam’s apple, I would tell her to peel it and take a bite."

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The Internet is a very intimate entertainment experience. I’m in my own apartment talking to people, and I want them to feel like they’re with me in my apartment. So if I’m listening to them and taking ideas from them and being honest with how I’m feeling, it resonates even more that we’re having a real, actual conversation.

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NEIGHBORHOOD | Durable Work Products


NEIGHBORHOOD | Durable Work Products

Nieve de arcoiris

Nieve de arcoiris


my self esteem has two levels

  1. im a worthless piece of shit who deserves no love
  2. bow down before bitches i am your queen


"How do you know you’re gay if you’ve never been with a…"


is there any connection between heartthrob’s goodbye goodbye and the unreleased goodbye from ten years ago?
(watch full q&a +, listen to goodbye +)

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